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About the Project Team

The NPARC has partnered with Alluvium Consulting, NCEconomics, and JBP for Phases 3 – 8 of the process, which will run through until April 2021. This team will bring together expertise in coastal processes, strategic planning, coastal engineering, economics, and stakeholder engagement.

Alluvium Consulting uses a catchment to coastlines perspective to inform planning and engineering design. This comes with from understanding the trajectory of change associated with flow, sediments, water quality, vegetation and ecosystems, urban development and climate change. Alluvium focuses on the understanding the needs of communities and stakeholders, and effective combining this into technical assessments, economics and engineering outcomes. They service the QLD coastline from their Brisbane and Townsville offices.

Natural Capital Economics (NCEconomics) is a unique economic advisory business focused on waterway ecosystem assets, ecosystem services, coastal assets and water management advice. NCE believe in the integration of economics with science to help understand and resolve the most complex and pressing challenges related to climate change, water resources and the natural environment.

JBP specialises in coastal and flood modelling throughout Australia and the Pacific. They undertake extreme weather statistics (including waves, sea levels, cyclones), numerical modelling, detailed engineering design of coastal protection works, and develop coastal forecasting systems. JBP uses physical wave tanks and hydraulic flumes to develop and test designs, and assist with knowledge sharing, and community consultation.


A range of key interest groups are also providing input through each Phase of the project. If you are interested in contributing to the project, please be a part of our community consultation. Your ideas and input will be a valuable to inform the technical work and future initiatives.

Contact the project team via the 'Contact Us' page or email to share your ideas, experiences and ask questions.